Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm a Grand Prize Winner!!!

(originally posted December 1, 2009)

WOW! I won the Grand Prize for the Cricut + YourStory Design Challenge - a fully loaded Gypsy (and ALL the Cricut Cartridges to go with it!!!)

You can find the details about my winning entry, the Disney shape book pictured above, here:

I can't wait to get my Gypsy and start creating some cool paper crafts and scrapbook layouts!!!

Happy crafting,


  1. Wow, how lucky are you! I got my Gypsy on HSN. I love it and so will you. Right now I only have 32 carts. But I'm working on expanding my collection.LOL. I have the Expression and the smaller cricut also. Are you getting all the carts? That would be so cool. I loved your entry, I can see why you won. Congrats!!!!

  2. Hi Jeannette!

    Thanks for following my blog and your compliment!

    32 carts is great! Before winning the contest I had 37 carts, an Expression and a Baby Bug, Design Studio and a Jukebox. The grand prize included the Gypsy and 108 carts that were already registered to the G. The only carts that I didn't get were Superman and Batman. It was kind of overwhelming and I find that I still reach design using my tried and true faves, but I'm starting to look through the other carts and designing with them. I hope to add more creations to my blog really soon.

  3. Congrats on winning the Gypsy!! Love the book!